Featured Songs

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Baby, Don’t Go

Syncopated New Orleans beat song with cool piano solo.


The Lord Said to Noah

Based on the real biblical story! Pull out yer King James, chillun, and follow along! A rockin’ version of the Noah story, with resonator guitar.


If You Ever Come Back This Way

Melodic country or pop power ballad. Lyrics/production by Shane Watson. Singer: Zach Swift.


Mbutu Serenade

What’s better than one resonator guitar? TWO resos! Especially when playing this beautiful African-sounding melody of mine…


The Cherry Tree

Beautiful art song with full orchestration by Paul Rucker, mixed/sung/composed by Gabe Hizer.


Light in the Sky (First Christmas Day)

Gorgeously sung by Donna Valentine, the co-writer of this Christmas song.


Never Goodbye

Interesting modulating jazzy chord progressions in this vocalese song.



Bonnie Raitt-style ballad.

I’m a Fool

Why are we always fools for love? And dreamers? Are they related? This classic ballad investigates…