Draw Me Near

Old-time country-gospel-bluegrass song, lyrics and production by Shay Watson. Makes nice use of the resonator guitar.

Draw Me Near
by Heiser/Watson

Lord I lay my burdens down as I kneel before Your Cross
Where You say You’ve made a refuge for the lost
I’ve wandered near and far and my journey’s almost done
Lord I’m longing for that rest I’ve never known

DRAW ME NEAR, NEAR draw me closer to You Lord
DRAW ME NEAR Bring this servant home
DRAW ME NEAR, NEAR Safe within Your fold
DRAW ME NEAR To the place where I belong

When my breath is growing shallow and my days are almost gone
When I’m broken down and singing my last song
Let it be one to remember let it ring on every ear
Hallelujah Holy Jesus, draw me near


When I’ve reached my destination somewhere on that distant shore
When grace and mercy reign forevermore
I’ll lift my voice and join in with the angels as they sing
Praise and glory to my Savior King of Kings


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