Falling For You

Here I go, fallin’ for you…. Lyrics/production by Shane Watson. Singer: Zach Swift.

(Gabriel Hizer/Shay Watson)

Sometimes emotion can get in the way
When you’re still holding onto the past
When all those old memories cause you to say
Love won’t last/won’t last

But this feels so right

Cause’ Here/I go
There is nothing left here now
For me/To do
But let/you in
Somehow you’ve broken through
This heart is yours to have my love/You’ve got it
I’m hopelessly FALLING FOR YOU

There’s a harbor of safety that rests in your eyes
And it says I can let down my guard
Oh I want to believe that it’s different this time
But it’s hard/so hard

Help me believe


All I could ever need
I’ve found here in your arms
It’s not a mystery
Why I fell this hard


(c) 2012 by K. Gabriel Heiser/Shay Watson All Rights Reserved

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