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All Because of You

Rockin’ boogie-woogie blues! Produced by Shay Watson Download
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Give Me One More Chance

Puh-leeze, baby, take me back! Just give me one more chance! I’ll be good, I promise! Old-style shuffle blues played on the Agile resonator guitar! Full band production. Lota piano. Download
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Bluegrass Flower

Traditional bluegrass song, with full band production, harmonies, etc. Download
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When She Came to Me

Rock groove, strong hook, love song. Download
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Cold Cold Ground

Classic-style driving mountain ballad, with some Hank Williams, Jr., guitar runs. Download
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The Woodsman

A nice perky folky tune; no lyrics, yet! Download
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Te Quiero

Mexican beat. I was trying to write a song with mostly just two chords. You sing the high part over the first melody part. Download
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Bill Withers-style Latin bluesy riffage. Download
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